We Care Centre has partnership with govt. and nongovernment agencies at different levels.
Government level
Non-Government level
  • The secretary of We Care Centre, Roy Mathew Vadakkel continues as the chairman of the orphanage control board of Kerala Government. He discharges the duties as the chairman along with the board members from 2016 onwards
  • National Trust Act: Fr. Roy Mathew Vadakkel serves as the convener of the local level committee of Kottayam District, Kerala
  • We Care Centre has partnership with the central Government project ‘Childline’
  • Roy also continues as the chairman of the Association for the intellectually disabled in Kerala (AID) from 2016. He brings the special schools in a platform to deliver the services effectively for the benefits of the intellectually challenged children.
  • Guidance: We Care Centre also offers guidance and Co – ordination services to various NGOs working in the field of psycho-social and disability rehabilitation.
  • We Care Centre secretary has been selected as the president of the association for the orphanages and other charitable institution in Kerala.