Other Institutions

Bethlehem Ashram: for mother and child

It is an institution for the abandoned and unwed mothers and children which was started in 1998 at Vandanpathal near Mundakkayam. More than 400 women and children were given shelter and services as long as they were in need. It is a place for the mothers to give birth in the peaceful atmosphere, to educate the children, get a job, support for the marriage and those who are in the possession to stay in a separate house are given those facilities and those who need to stay in the institution as long as they   need.

Asha Deepam: Special school for HI&VI

It is a special school for the speech and hearing impaired children which was started by Shaji Kannamangalam under the president ship of Fr. Roy Mathew Vadakkel. Now, we have around 40 children who are studying and getting different types of therapies under the guidance of FDM Rev. Sisters and qualified staff.

Home of Peace: Home for physically Challenged

It is a boarding home for physically and mentally challenged children. We have 22 children who are speech and hearing impaired, visually challenged, physically challenged. The service here is given by FDM Rev. Sisters.

St.Gianna Bhavan: Home for girls

It is an institution for the abandoned girls. Here, children are given appropriate education in different institutions. After the study they can go for a job according to their age and education and thus they can lead a dignified life.